Where you can find the best desert safari? (Abu Dhabi Vs Dubai)

Where you can find the best desert safari? (Abu Dhabi Vs Dubai)

Beyond the glitter of the glamorous United Arab Emirates, awaits another world of mystery designed with widespread golden sands, barren dusty dunes, astounding mirages and luxury amidst the endless desert. During your desert holiday in the United Arab Emirates, a sneak peek to the splendour of this bewildering desert world cannot go missing. To make your dessert dreams come true, you have to pick one comparing Abu Dhabi vs Dubai. So here you face the conundrum, Abu Dhabi vs Dubai. Though both of these desert safari experiences look identical, there are distinct differences you should consider about. So, you can go for the best desert safari itinerary to make your desert holiday encounter one of the most unforgettable travel memories in your life. Let’s see how to pick the best desert destination in the United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi Vs Dubai


If you are on a tight budget, Dubai is the city you should settle for a desert safari as Dubai desert safari prices are known to be lower than Abu Dhabi’s. So, for a price conscious traveller, we are afraid that Abu Dhabi is not a good place to go on a desert safari. But keep in mind you always get what you pay for. So, make sure to not make price the first factor when deciding whether it’s Abu Dhabi or Dubai, if you really want to experience an amazing desert safari adventure.

Quality of the Service

When you jet set for a desert safari, especially in a city you are not much familiar with, you have to be so sure that you are assured of a top-notch service. Maybe you might get a good service with a wonderful stroke of luck, but that will not happen every time. Usually, Abu Dhabi tourism is synonymous with providing a first-rate service with no matter what kind of an Abu Dhabi desert safari tour package you would choose. When compared with Dubai desert safari packages, Abu Dhabi tour packages come with a bundle of benefits. They offer quality Arabic food, desert tents accompanied with modern luxury amenities and good transport services. Quality wise Abu Dhabi tour packages score higher than Dubai desert safari packages.

Sand and Dunes

If it is a desert safari what really matters, is the desert! Dunes in Abu Dhabi are one of the largest in the globe and offers you a bizarre dune bashing session that would hold your breath for a moment. Because of this Abu Dhabi desert safari tour packages are always designed in a way prioritizing this awe-spinning sand encounter. You can expect an overwhelming dune bashing session if you choose Abu Dhabi desert safari tour packages. But in Dubai, you cannot expect much of a thrilling experience as the natural landscape of the desert does not facilitate a superior dune bashing encounter like in Abu Dhabi. If you wish for a neutral dune bashing time, of course, Dubai is okay.

Everything else

Dubai is always a good choice as it is the biggest city. You name it and you will find it there. Your list of things to do in Dubai is endless. Simply Dubai is just like the utopian city you have read in books. It literally would wow you. You will find a plenty of things to do in Dubai based on your interest. From theme parks, shopping malls, massive skyscrapers to entertainment and nightlife Dubai got you covered. If you fancy staying at an extremely chic city, you should set your dessert dreams in Dubai.

Abu Dhabi tourism also offers fantastic desert safari packages to embark on a thrilling desert safari encounter coupled with many other delights from the city of Abu Dhabi. The city itself is a hub for palatial palaces, cultural heritage and natural beauty. The iconic landmark, which is said to be the most magnificent mosque in the world, “Sheikh Zayed Mosque” reflects the rich cultural heritage of the city. You can think of many interesting things to do in Abu Dhabi to make your stay exciting. If you want to stay away from the bling- bling and indulge in an out of this world desert safari, undoubtedly Abu Dhabi should be your number one choice.

The best desert safari – Abu Dhabi Or Dubai?

All in all, now you can choose the best desert safari to start off your desert quest. For those who concern about the price, Dubai is the city for you to go on a desert safari adventure.

If you are someone who looks for quality in everything and expect a truly indulging experience you won’t have to regret later, Abu Dhabi desert safari chalks up more points than Dubai desert safari. So, what is your decision, Abu Dhabi or Dubai?